Little Tigers (Age 3)

If you are looking for a fun, new activity for your 3 or 5-year old child, consider our Little Tiger classes for preschoolers and kinderarteners. Our Little Tigers Taekwondo classes are specifically designed to keep younger children excited to come to class every time, while helping them gain greater focus and self-control behavior skills that will carry over to home and school as well

Children (Age 4 ~ 10)

Our Childrens classes help students (6-10yr)develop focus, concentration skills, and character, such as courtesy and respect. We also teach self-control and cooperation, as well as perseverance when faced with challengers. We know how to bring out the best in every child by teaching kids how to increase their focus, confidence, and self-discipline through Tae Kwon Do.

Junior/Teen (age 11 ~ 17)

For our students in their teenage years (11-17yr), our classes help develop a strong moral compass while keeping a healthy body. These are some of the Focuses:

* Strengthen self-image to believe in themselves.

*Gain confidence to say “NO” to negative peer pressure.

*Learn respect for themselves and others to improve social and relational skills.

*Develop balance and coordination to get an edge in any sport.

*Learn to set and achieve goals which establishes a pattern for success.


Our adult classes are perfect for getting away from the daily grind. We are confident that you will notice a difference in your fitness level and overall energy after joining our classes. Some of our benefits of joining our program include learning self-defense, improving flexibility, endurance, and strength, reducing stress and improving your health. We guarantee that this program will be an enjoyable, yet challenging form of exercise that will be the perfect way to end your day.


Good self-defense training isn’t just kicks and punches. It begins with awareness. It teaches to look for indicators of violence in people’s body language. It teaches escape and avoidance strategies. Yes, there are also physical techniques.

But one of the interesting things to come out of these studies is that women who are trained are less likely to be the target of attempted attacks. This is important. They aren’t just better at fending off attacks, they are less like to be attacked.

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